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The Keystone Bar - 20kg Olympic Needle Bearing Bar

# 9011 CFF-OB20NB

The Keystone Bar | 20kg Olympic Training bar is THE BEST bar for the money. Built, designed by world class champion Olympic lifters for Olympic lifters.

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Price: $261.99
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The Keystone Bar - Men's 20kg Olympic Needle Bearing Training Bar

The CFF Keystone Bar is the optimal choice of Olympic bar for Olympic lifting or Crossfit®. Highest quality, exceptional performance and feel in your hands, affordable!

For the past three years, we've worked tirelessly, side by side with Team USA Olympic Weightlifting Master Class Champion Russell McDonald, nationally-ranked, competitive weightlifter Jon Zajac, and extensively certified, professional box owner/trainer Tim Steel to produce and test an Olympic, Needle Bearing Training Bar in 20kg & 15kg configurations following IWF Specifications.

The result: A bar we like so much, we call it the Keystone Bar. It's the foundation of our Olympic bar offerings and is a nod to our home state of Pennsylvania - The Keystone State. We're proud to say most people don't believe us when we tell them the Keystone is less than $300. It really does feel & perform like an $800 bar!

Using the highest quality materials, we manufactured our needle bearing bar with AISI/SAE Specification steel. This steel is precisely CNC/milled, forged & heat tempered to a tensile strength of 205,000 PSI, and Yield of 166,750 PSI giving this bar excellent whip (ability to flex and bend) for a training bar. Too little and your max effort is wasted. Too much and your form is thrown off. The bar is then straightened to within a tolerance of half a millimeter.

The CFF Olympic Training Bar has dual markings for Olympic lifters and power-lifters, knurling all the way to the sleeves, and no center knurling. Each bar is inspected for consistency of cut, depth, & quality of knurl throughout the bar, ensuring ideal grip no matter where you grab it.

Sleeves are precision milled and secured with dual snap rings for extra strength. Inside each are 4 high quality needle bearings and a brass bushing, delivering buttery smooth rotation. Top that off with hardened chrome finish at a price less than half of comparable bars and you have a fantastic bar at a fantastic value.

To ensure the longevity of the bar, needle bearing bars should be stored horizontally. Storing a needle bearing bars vertically stresses the bearings in directions they aren't designed to handle. This can decrease lubrication and lead to bearing failure. A great solution to this problem is getting our CFF Horizontal 6 Bar Storage Rack

Special Warranty Terms & Conditions:

CFF Olympic Needle Bearing Training Bars come with a 10 year warranty covering any manufacturer flaw (not normal wear and tear). With proper care (regular cleaning and proper storage), your CFF Olympic Training Barbell will handle a lifetime of heavy use.

  • To be dropped on protected floors or rubber platforms ONLY.
  • Not to be stored loaded on a rack.
  • To be stored horizontally, not vertical in a bar stand.
  • Indoor use only.
  • Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.


  • weight: 20kg
  • length: 2200mm
  • grip: 28mm
  • knurl: medium density, with dual markings (no center knurling)
  • highest quality, AISI/SAE spec steel available
  • Tensile - 205,000psi
  • Yield - 166,750 psi
  • straightness: 0.5mm total indicator reading (TIR)
  • 8 sets of needle bearings
  • 2 bronze bushings
  • hardened chrome finish
  • 10 Year Warranty

For information on our warranty policies, please see our Warranty Policy page.

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We want more!
by Chad on Jul 5, 2017
Great bar! On a budget or spare cash floating around, this bar is worth it. Has great knurling, good spin, and is durable. We want more!
Excellent bar
by Eric on Jun 22, 2017
I spent the time to research what bar I wanted for My new garage gym. I wanted a high end Olympic bar and almost pulled the trigger on a Rogue WL bar for $600. My coach (Leo Totten) directed me to Christians and I could not be happier. This bar is just as good if not better, it's made local, and it's under $300 with free shipping! If your still questioning it, you will not be dissapointed, do it!
Buy this bar
by Kyle on May 8, 2017
I had experience with this bar at my old gym and it was one of the best bars I have ever used, if not the best, which is the reason why I chose this one for my new home gym. I knew the bar held up against the wear and tear from a commercial gym so it would last with just single person use no problem. The coating and knurlings are perfect - the spin is beyond perfect. I can't get over how good the spin is. The overall quality of the bar is a steal in reference to the price. It's comparable to a $600+ bar from a major weightlifting company. If you're looking for a fantastic bar for a good price - this is your bar. Can't get any better than this. Also the bar was on my door step 2 days after I purchased it.
Great value
by Martin on Jan 21, 2017
I waited until this bar went on sale and bought it to replace a bushing bar that I have been using for years at home. I wanted something with more spin, and this bar is definitely an upgrade. The knurling seems just about right for me, not as aggressive as some bars I've used but not smooth either. This is a well made bar and a great value. Very pleased with the purchase.
Good Purchase
by Mark on Mar 24, 2016
I purchased this bar as a replacement for my much cheaper bar I bought at a yard sale years earlier. I immediately noticed that the smoother spin kept the bar from resisting the natural turning that occurs during thrusters and cleans. As a result I feel I am much more in control of the bar and its path. I wish I had made the move to a better bar sooner!
Great bar, great value
by Steve on Dec 14, 2015
This is a very good bar. Knurling is uniform and just enough (not deep, sharp, or over-aggressive). Spin is excellent, smooth and equal at both sides. Some have written it might have a bit too much whip, I haven't experienced that at the weights I work with (225# snatch).

Packaging was excellent. The bar was delivered in a very heavy, stiff cardboard tube , with plenty of packing material around the sleeves. The bar arrived straight and true.

This bar is a great value at its regular price. On sale, it's an exceptional bargain.
Great bar for a great price!
by Jon on Nov 16, 2015
The Keystone 20kg bar is a great bar for lifters just starting out to a few years of lifting. The bar spins great and has no catch at any point. The knurling is not super aggressive but sharp enough to get a solid grip on the bar. The only drawback on this bar is that it has a bit too much whip but if you have never used a high end bar you probably won’t notice. We have had numerous cleans on this bar over 350 pounds and the bar is still as straight as the day we got it! If you do not brush the chalk off of the bar it will start to rust.
Jon Zajac
Lancaster Fitness and Performance and Lancaster Barbell Club
Great Value, Great Product
by Russell on Nov 12, 2015
Perfect bar for beginner to intermediate lifters and those learning the olympic lifts at cross fit gyms.

Good knurling, good spin, solid construction and easy to disassemble. A little too much whip and spring for the advanced lifters.

Have used many high end bars over the years. The keystone delivers many of the high end qualities without the high end price tag.

Go get one....or ten, so your athletes aren't fighting over them.

Russ McDonnell
Fortius fitness, performance, physical therapy

great bar for the price
by Tim on Nov 12, 2015
Spins well. Good Knurling. Very affordable for affiliates looking to stock up on good Oly bars for a very fair price.
Exceptional Value!
by Dan on Nov 6, 2015
Great bar! Exceptional Value!

The Keystone bar was shipped via Fedex Home within a heavy duty cardboard tube. The tube had hard plastic endcaps and was wrapped heavily with fiber/filament tape. Inside the tube, the bar was wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve.

Knurl: The bar has dual knurl marks and no center knurl. I would consider the knurl a softer knurl. That being said, I had no issue performing any lift without any chalk.

Spin: This is a bearing bar, so people are mostly looking at it for the Oly lifts and want that bearing spin. I had an issue with one sleeve due to some shipping damage (I believe), but the good sleeve still way more spin than one would need for Olympic lifting. I was taking some longer exposure shots to show the spin and I finished taking the shot, moved my light around, changed some settings, and the plate was still spinning. On the sleeve with the issue, it still spun better than any bushing bar.


Solid, solid bar! Hard chrome finish looks great, smooth spin, great-looking snap-ring endcaps. I’ve used this for oly lifts and some deadlifting - can’t really say anything bad about the bar. Knurling is on the mild side, but I had no issues doing the oly lifts and deadlifts with zero chalk.

This item was provided free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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