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15' Nylon Rope with Eyelet End - 1 1/2" Thick

15' Nylon Climbing Rope We can custom cut the rope to any length for you need.

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15' Nylon Rope with Eyelet End - 1 1/2" Thick

Three Strand Nylon Ropes

This 3-strand nylon has good abrasion resistance and is excellent for applications with any type of shock load. Nylon is very good at resisting mildew, rot and many chemicals.

Nylon 3 strand has become increasingly popular for landscape use. This rope will exhibit a weathered gray appearance in time, giving it a classic nautical look. However, this rope will shrink the first time it gets wet, so if you plan to use it outdoors, add an additional 10% in rope length to your purchase to accommodate the shrinkage.

Popular applications:
  • Dock lines
  • General purpose rope use
  • Artistic and design

Shipping is with in the Continental US, 48 states!

  • 47,000 LB. Breaking Strength
  • K&R Stock #: 0031
  • Category: Nylon
  • Manufacturer:
  • Fiber: Nylon
  • Color: White
  • Construction: 3-strand
  • Diameter: 1.5 (Availabel in 1/4" to 2 1/2" thicknesses)
  • Custom cut lengths, ends, and thickness are available!

3 Strand Eye Splice

If you are buying 3 strand manila, nylon, cotton or polypropylene rope, this is the splice you need to purchase.

We can do other custom ends!

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