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CFF Women's 15kg USA Olympic WOD BAR

# 7529 CFF-15KG-WOD

CFF Women's 15kg USA Olympic WOD BAR boosts a 25mm grip, black oxide shaft, 165kpsi tensile strength, and smooth spin

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Price: $225.99
Price: $225.99
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CFF Women's 15kg USA “WOD BAR”

When we decided to put our name on a WOD bar, we knew it had to have the most desirable features. What do you think?

It has to be strong. We had it made from 165,000psi tensile strength steel.

It has to feel right. We gave it a 25mm diameter grip and medium knurling where you want it, none where you don't (center).

It has to be super smooth. The sleeves free spin on high quality, oil impregnated brass bushings to keep the weight moving how it should.

It has to have the right whip. This bar won't bend or break, but has the whip action you want when you've loaded the bar up like a boss.

It has to look awesome.The corrosion inhibiting black oxide finish really makes the chrome sleeves pop. This is a bar you can be proud to own.

It has to be Made in here America. We wanted this piece made right here at home in the USA - and we're proud to have made it happen.

This bar is very popular among east coast & central US cross training boxes & sport specific athletes.

We feel this bar is an excellent - and attractively priced - choice for Olympic and standard power weightlifting movements. It's designed to be strong, to feel just right, to be super smooth, and look really nice. It's designed to serve you well and it's designed to last.

10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

CFF USA WOD bars are manufactured to order, shipping can run up to 15 days


  • dual-profile knurling on each side of the bar
  • no center knurling
  • 25mm diameter grip
  • 165,000psi tensile
  • oil impregnated brass bushings
  • smooth spin for Olympic lifting
  • black oxide shaft
  • chromed sleeves
  • pinned collars (not bolted)

Typically Found In:

  • Olympic lifting
  • cross training
  • body building
  • powerlifting
  • pports performance training centers
  • Parisi Speed School
  • The garages of people like you!

Great for:

  • your go-to men's bar
  • deadlifts
  • squats
  • personal training
  • hang clean
  • snatch
  • power clean
  • push press
  • front squat


  • total bar length: 86.75in
  • long shaft: 51.5in
  • total sleeve length: 17.5in (15.5in loadable)
  • sleeve: 50mm

For information on our warranty policies, please see our Warranty Policy page.

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Product Reviews

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Great Value
by Beth on Nov 23, 2015
The bar was shipped in a heavy duty cardboard tube. The ends of the tube were wrapped with reinforced strapping tape. Inside the ends of the tube were "pucks" made out of a particle board like material. They were held in place with 2 screws. These extra pieces keeps the ends of the bar from punching out the end of the tube but they don't damage the ends of the bar. The bar itself is in a full length plastic sleeve. Desiccant packs are inside the plastic to help protect from moisture. The tube was dented in a few places when it arrived. As a result of the damage, the bar didn't slide out of the tube. It had to be cut out.

The bar is black oxide with chromed sleeves. Slight ribbing on the sleeves. CFF logo end caps. This is a multi purpose bar so it has marks for powerlifting and Olympic lifting. My bar arrived with one small imperfection near one of the collars. It shouldn't affect the function of the bar at all. Overall, it looks great.

On this bar where the knurl ends, it ends. That means there's no bleeding into the smooth center section. There's a well defined end to it. The knurl itself is described as "medium" on the CFF website. Its slightly more aggressive than the knurl on my Rogue Bella bar. The bar has no center knurl. That's the way I like it. The bar doesn't tear up my legs on deadlifts and its not uncomfortable on front squats. I don't have difficulty doing back squats with bars lacking a center knurl. I'd like to start doing a few of the Olympic lifts and the smooth center section should be a plus there, too.

The sleeves spin on oil impregnated bushings. At first, the spin seemed to be "heavy" and a bit slower than what I'm used to. But when I compared it to my Rogue bar its only marginally slower. The spin is smooth and easy but a bushing bar won't be confused with a good quality bearing bar. If you are going to do a lot of Olympic lifting, you'd want a bar designed for that use. For somebody looking for one bar to do everything, the spin of these bushings is fine.

Plate Fit
Plates slide on and off the ribbed sleeves without any trouble. My bumpers (Hi Temp, Rogue and Pendlay Elite) and Ivankos fit snugly on the bar. Not so tight that collars aren't needed but tight enough that they aren't wobbly.

15kg bars are marketed as women's bars because the smaller 25mm shaft is a better fit for a female's smaller hand. For me its a great fit. But the smaller bar would work equally well for a man with smaller hands.

A bar that fits your hands makes a huge difference.

The WOD bar looks like a good contender for the lifter who wants a good multi purpose bar. I'm going to run 5/3/1 over the next several months and look forward to putting this bar to the test. Spec wise its very similar to my Rogue Bella bar. The most noticeable difference so far is the knurl. I prefer the softer knurling on the Rogue, but we'll see if that changes as I use this bar more. The bar is regularly priced at $217.95 but for the month of November its on sale for $174.36. Add free shipping and a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects and its definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a 15KG bar.

Thank you to CFF for providing the bar at no charge in exchange for this review.

Men's and Women's Barbells
by Jeremy S. on Feb 23, 2014
Great Products! Great Service! Great Prices!!

2 Item(s)

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