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CFF Weight Sled - Power & Speed Sled 3.0

# 1951-CFF-HLPPS-G3

CFF Weight Sled - Power & Speed Sled 3.0 | Rated to 600+ lbs, it's perfect as a football sled, acceleration & sprint trainer, training sled for in the gym

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Price: $167.99
Price: $167.99
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CFF Hi/Lo Push Pull Weighted Sled - 3.0 Power Sled

CFF Hi/Lo Push Pull Weighted Sled - 3.0 Power Sled is the third generation CFF Sled is built to last. Rear joint have been reinforced to with stand a heavy weighted sled push, preventing bending of the uprights under load; the Gen 3 Power Sled easily handle 600 lbs.

At 64lbs, it takes 17lbs of force to get the sled moving on concrete and 15lbs to keep it moving making it perfect the perfect workout sled, speed sled for sled sprints, or sled pulls with a harness

If you're looking to build a bigger, faster, stronger individual, this is the weight sled for you.

Hi/Lo push handles allow the user to work on power, speed, and core strength in two different stances. Attach a belt to the eyelets on the front for running and lunging exercises. ( Sled harness & belt are optional, but not included.) Use this sled on grass, synthetic turf, cement, pavement, blacktop whatever - it can handle it.

Worried about damaging your floor?

Add our urethane sled ski set to your order. Designed to reduce pressure and wear on flooring, these are a solid buy. Kit comes with 3 urethane sled skis and hardware.

CFF Weight Sled - Power & Speed Sled 3.0 Features

  • capacity: 600lbs
  • replaceable skis
  • dual 10" tall plate horns
  • heavy duty, 11-gauge steel
  • black powder coated frame
  • breaks down for transport & storage
  • hi & lo push & pull handles w/ strap hook
  • optional sled harness available (not included)

NOTE: Handles are not designed to carry plates. Do not load weights on handles. Weight should only be loaded on the plate horns. Also, always load the sled in the back first. Never make the front heavier than the rear.

CFF Weighted Sled - Power & Speed Sled 3.0 Specifications

  • weight: 64lbs
  • capacity: 600lbs
  • dimensions: 46"L x 30.5"W x 36"H
  • heavy duty, 8" x 5" x 3/8" replaceable skis

For information on our warranty policies, please see our Warranty Policy page.

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Great sled
by Steve on Sep 20, 2017
Easy to assemble. Not too large and breaks down for easy transport. Large enough (600# capacity is plenty for me). Well made. Well packaged for delivery. Great price.

I have not tried the urethane feet. The sled works great on pavement, dirt, and gravel. It's much harder to push or pull over grass.
Fantastic Sled
by Paul on Jun 20, 2017
Quick delivery, came two days early. I've put 300 lbs on it so far and it is solid. The instructions must have been updated, because I received a several page booklet with easy to follow instructions. You cannot beat the price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Great value
by Chad on Nov 18, 2016
Very solid, arrived in two days. Easy to put together. Great value!
Great sled and price!
by Don on Feb 17, 2016
Very fast shipping and great price for a standard sled. Easy to put together and stores nicely. Feels solid with weight on it and pushes like a sled should. We always have a blast racing sleds, we even took them out when it was 18 degrees outside! Thank you.
Incredibly fast service!
by Thomas on Feb 15, 2015
The sled arrived in just two days! Clearly, this is a company that knows how to do business in the Internet age. No "Please wait 4 to 6 weeks for delivery" stuff from decades ago that (sadly) is typical of how all too many companies still operate. The sled was easy to assemble, and was in perfect condition. I look forward to ordering from here again
Fine for Your First Sled
by Roger F. on Apr 15, 2014
I've had the sled for a little over a week and used it 3 times so far. - Sled appears to be sturdy - The instructions were awful. Small and very hard to read. Had to use a scanner to blow them up. - Sled will be of little use on grass. The front ski digs in often, even after using the appropriate weight loading technique described in the instructions above. Best to use it on blacktop or artificial turf. - I'm not an expert on welding, but there were some noticeable gaps where two pieces of the sled were supposed to be welded together. - Uprights are removable so it's easy to transport - The low handles are not welded onto the sled. They are separate and held in place with a linchpin. This makes keeping the sled in a straight line a little bit of a chore. - In the end, it's the cheapest sled on the market and works fine for it's cost. price
by Pudge on Mar 31, 2014
Solid piece of equipment. Only took 10 minutes to put together. This is the best price for a quality push lead you will find on the Internet. I would recommend this product for the quality the amount of weight you can put on it and the price.
Hi/Lo push pull sled Gen3
by William S. on Mar 28, 2014
Awesome sled , very well made. Has held up well with my little guys and 300 pounders!
Great sled
by Max B. on Mar 14, 2014
Well built sled & great value compared to others on the market. Highly recommended
Hi/Lo Push Pull Sled, Gen 3
by David B. on Mar 12, 2014
Very stout. Only problem was the directions and schematics for assembly were so small and only depicted by a single drawing, that you had to try and guess where the lock washers or washers went. The schematic did not have the parts numbered to assist. I lucked out and figured out where every thing went without having to disassemble and move bolts/washers/nuts. But very study and a great piece of equipment. This was by far the least expensive sled I saw. Comparable ones in quality were anywhere from $80-150 more. Very happy with the purchase. CFF has never disappointed when it has come to competitive pricing.

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