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CFF Steel Competition Russian Kettlebells


CFF Competition Kettlebells | Color-coded for easy sorting between sizes & available in 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, & 32kg sizes.

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Product Name Price Qty
CFF Competition KB - 8kg Pro Elite
CFF Competition KB - 12kg Pro Elite
CFF Competition KB - 16kg Pro Elite
CFF Competition KB - 20kg Pro Elite
CFF Competition KB - 24kg Pro Elite
CFF Competition KB - 28kg Pro Elite
CFF Competition KB - 32kg Pro Elite
CFF Competition KB Set - Complete (1 each)
CFF Competition KB Set - Complete (2 each)
CFF Competition KB Set - 500lb Mix & Match
CFF Competition KB Set - 1000lb Mix & Match
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CFF Steel Competition Russian Kettlebells

Kettlebells provide a real test of strength. Whether doing swings, cleans, snatches, renegade rows, or Turkish get ups, kettlebell training provides you with an intense, muscle building, fat burning, cardio workout.

What's the differences between a standard and competition kettlebell?

Competition kettlebells are all the same size, just with different weights. Competition kettlebells also are usually within grams of the specified weight; unlike other kettlebells can be off as much as 3-4 pounds. If you are looking for the best - and precision matters - you want a competition kettlebell.

Typically, a competition kettlebell is not used with two hands at once, unless you are alternating hands. The competition kettlebell usually will have a narrower space between the handles upright than a standard kettlebell; making them perfect for dual kettlebell workouts.

Colored coded for easy distinction between sizes and available in 8kg, 12kg, 16kg (1 pood), 20kg, 24kg (1.5 pood), & 32kg (2 pood) sizes.

Available individually or in sets!

  • Complete set - 1 of each size
  • Complete set - 2 of each size
  • 500lb MIX & MATCH SET*
  • 1000lb MIX & MATCH SET*
* Mix & match kettlebells to build a set of our choosing! Contact us to customize your set!

Kettlebell Training

For information on Kettlebell training or on how to create a kettlebell workout, go to our K2 Kettlebell page and look under the Kettlebell Taining section

CFF Competition Kettlebell Specifications

  • Built for durability, CFF competition kettlebells are made of one solid steel casting (including the handles).
  • Raw steel finish on the handle with a color coded bell for easy distinction between sizes.
  • Handle thickness is consistently 33mm regardless of size.
  • Stable, flat bottoms for doing renegade rows.
  • Accurate to within grams of specified weight.
    • 8kg (17.6lb), pink
    • 12kg (26.4lb), blue
    • 16kg (35.2lb), orange
    • 20kg (44.0lb), purple
    • 24kg (52.6lb), green
    • 32kg (70.4lb), red

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Great Kettlebells
by Sean on Jan 26, 2017
I love these kettlebells. Great grip with the steel handle,holds chalk well. Perfectly balanced for all exercises. Have sets at 24 & 32 kg. Will purchase more in the future.
Excellent Product, Excellent Customer Service
by Thomas on Dec 21, 2016
32kg Competition Kettlebell was exactly as described. Bought at a lower price than other vendors AND free shipping. Order was fulfilled promptly. CFF is doing things right.
Best KBs
by Joshua on Aug 14, 2016
I previously owned kbs from rogue and mdusa but converted to these due to the fantastic look and feel. Very professional and quick service too.
love these bells
by Michael on Apr 21, 2016
great service, fast shipping, and really well packaged. bought these to pair with cff bells bought previously and they are identical in appearance and weight. customer service is very helpful and responsive via e-mail.
by ben on Feb 29, 2016
Thick handle really works the grip. Quailty construction, I use these outdoors, minimal rust.
Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else
by Julian on Dec 22, 2014
Get condition. Great price. Never any complaints!
Great addition to my tool box.
by Coach O on Dec 3, 2014
One of my members knew I was in need of Kettle Bells and gave me a link to CFF. Best decision I made to purchase these bells.
Great addition
by coach O on Dec 3, 2014
Great quality, great addition to my KB collection
Awesome quality, awesome price
by Coach O on Dec 3, 2014
I caught this kettlebell on a november sale. Great quality, great pirce. I'll keep shopping with CFF.
Don't bother with cast iron. Steel. Kettlebells. Only.
by John on Jun 29, 2014
Went to CFF for the first time yesterday and ended up buying a new, 32kg CFF Competition Kettlebell. Don't cheap out and buy a KB from one of the chain stores. They're cheap. They break. They have rough handles. Plus, the average salesman has no clue what they are. At CFF, you get a lovely steel KB with the smooth steel, unpainted handle that loves chalk. Swing. Clean. Jerk. Snatch. Your grip will improve. And you'll get stronger. Win Win Win!!!

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