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Calibrated Fractional Weight Plates (KG)


Calibrated Fractional Weight Plates (KG) | CFF fractional weights are 100% virgin rubber & precision calibrated to less than 2 grams! Ships free! (Also available in pounds!)

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Product Name Price Qty
Rubber Fractional Plates - 0.25kg pair
Rubber Fractional Plates - 0.50kg pair
Rubber Fractional Plates - 1.00kg pair
Rubber Fractional Plates - 1.50kg pair
Rubber Fractional Plates - 2.00kg pair
Rubber Fractional Plates - 2.50kg pair
Rubber Fractional Plates - 3.50kg set
Rubber Fractional Plates - 15.5kg set
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CFF Calibrated Fractional Weight Plates in Kilograms

100% virgin rubber!

Whether you're looking to extend the range of your bumper plate set, or micro-load the bar between sets to break out of those plateaus, CFF calibrated fractional rubber Olympic weight plates are a good call. Manufactured to IWF specifications, they hold extremely tight tolerances (less than 2 gram!), and use only the highest quality materials available.

0.25KG plates are 100% virgin rubber, all other KG plates are 100% virgin rubber over steel inserts.

These are precision plates of the highest quality that will last a lifetime - at an unbeatable price.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Available in 0.25kg, 0.50kg, 1.00kg, 1.50kg, 2.00kg, & 2.50kg pairs.

Also available in pounds.


Sets Include:

3.50kg set 0.25kg, 0.50kg, & 1.00kg pairs
15.50kg set 0.25kg, 0.50kg, 1.00kg, 1.50kg, 2.00kg, & 2.50kg (all) pairs


CFF Calibrated Fractional Weight Plates in Kilograms

General Information

  • 100% virgin rubber
  • accurate to +/- 2 grams stated weight
  • 50.5mm inside diameter
  • IWF spec, color coded
  • guaranteed to last
  • fits Olympic bars

CFF Calibrated Fractional Weight Plates in Kilograms


All plates listed below share the same 1.988" inner diameter.

  weight     color     thickness     outer diameter  
0.25kg red   0.563"   4.625"
0.50kg white   0.563"   5.625"
1.00kg green   0.750"   6.625"
1.50kg yellow   0.750"   7.500"
2.00kg blue   0.875"   8.500"
2.50kg red   0.875"   9.500"

CFF Calibrated Fractional Weight Plates in Kilograms

Fractional Weight Plate Videos

Ranked professional weightlifter Jon Zajac, from Lancaster Barbell Club uses CFF fractional weight plates to push through limits as he works toward new goals.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Covers manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product.

Normal Wear & Tear is not covered.

Abuse & Negligence is not covered.


Full details available

Please review our warranty page for full warranty details.

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