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CFF Beast Pro Series Half Rack - 2.0

# 8678 CFFR05-MF

CFF Beast 2.0 Half Rack | The Beast is the most easily transported, space-conscious, all around rack on the market. A half rack, a sled, a yoke. Ships free

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Price: $1,399.95
Price: $1,399.95
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CFF's Pro Series Half Rack - "The Beast"

“The Ultimate (Only) WOD Rack”

What makes a half rack great? Is it the thickness of the steel, adjustability, versatility, quality, cost, end-user feedback, warranty? The answer, YES! It is all of the above qualities that make a weightlifting rack great. At CFF, it has been our goal to improve upon what has already been done as well as create new pieces of equipment to go beyond not only the expectations of the end user, but surpass their intended use of the rack, without limitations to what style of workout they are preforming.

Body building, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, strongman, crosstraining, P90X, etc., The Beast is the one rack that does it all and exceeds your expectations without limitation. We back it all with a lifetime warranty!

Built to last a lifetime with Heavy Duty 7 Gauge Monster 2” x 4” uprights & 1/2" thick plate steel!

All parts & accessories are interchangeable with the CFF Monster Pull Up Rig.

Why consider The Beast?

To start, The Beast is a commercial piece of equipment carrying lifetime warranty. With that said, most pieces of equipment intended for residential use are labeled residential or light commercial. Companies do this so that they can make a customer feel like they are getting a commercial quality machine, when really it is just a marketing strategy to get you to buy thier equipment.

The Beast was actually built with the opposite mindset. It was built for a commercial application like a Crossfit® Box, Gold's Gym, or Planet Fitness, but still right at home in a residential application without having space or a height issue.

Available Accessories (not included):

  • Pro Series Yoke: 3” in diameter and 48” wide.
  • Explosion Arms (patent pending) that rotate a full 360°, can handle 360lbs+ on each side, have band peg holes and pegs - 117lbs a pair
  • glute ham developer attachment (patent pending) that does not allow you to “cheat” and take pressure off your knees (requires plyo platform attachment) - 53lbs
  • plyometric platform adjustable 24” to 72” high; (used as hyper extension platform accommodating sit ups and reverse hyper extensions) - 132 lbs
  • technique trays (jerk boxes) - adjustable 24" to 72" high - 113lbs
  • individual dip handles disperse your weight between the upright posts rather than have a dip handle place all your weight on one upright post - each, 23lbs
  • band pegs - 2.6lbs a pair
  • 20,000lb capacity spotter straps
  • Olympic plate trees - each, 33lbs
  • 0-90° Pro Series Adjustable Bench - 100lbs


So what can you do with the rig?

To start, you can do the basics; bench, squat, deadlift, pull ups, kipping, muscle ups, etc., but we did not stop there. We wanted to take these exercises and make you feel more secure when preforming them. It is proven that weightlifting is mostly a mental game. If you feel confident when you lift, then you will perform better. Most people stray away from a half rack because of safety reasons; not being protected by a full cage. To eliminate these insecurities, we have designed our rack to adjust in increments of 1.5” so that the spotter arms are always at the perfect height for you. The spotter arms extend out 30" with a capacity of 1200lbs. For us, this was not enough to feel completely secure when you are alone lifting and want to push yourself to your limits, so we also added spotter straps to our rack so that you could never feel like you would get stuck if lifting by yourself. We wanted you to know that whether by yourself or not, CFF was right there, spotting for you.

Other than basics, what other features/uses does The Beast have outside of the standard rack exercises?

  • pinning system – The Beast's unique pinning system allows you to easily disassemble and transport the unit in almost any size vehicle. There are only 4 bolts on each side of the unit holding the uprights to the horizontal cross-members and skis. Otherwise the racks left & right, top and bottom pieces with all its attachments are held together by a unique pinning system.
  • Yoke Carry – Attaching one of the two yokes converts this rack into a monster yoke.

The CFF Pro Series Half Rack was built to be the most easily transported, space-conscious, all around rack on the market. The Beast is only limited by you. It is the only pin together rack that acts like it has been welded, but is really being held together by a intricate system of pins, so it can easily be disassembled.

The CFF Pro Series Rack can also be convert into a push sled as well as a yyoke by easily removing the top upright slide. We recommend this so the rack is not top heavy when being used for these applications.

The explosion arms put this rack into a league of its own. With the ability to do a dead-lift, squat, chest press, shrug, explosive full body standing press, a lat pull down, side laterals, to mobility work, these arms are an exceptional option. Topping it off, the arms are equipment with adjustable band peg holes and pegs.

Dip handles are another option for The Beast. By placing a dip handle on each upright post, the downward force on the upright is shared, putting less stress on the beam and joints of the rack.

The Plyometric platform is an awesome addition. It adds the ability to start at a height of 24” and finish off at 72”. This rack will put you to the test if you are willing.

Last, the GHD attachment. With the GHD Attachment, you are now able to perform a perfect glute ham raise, hyper extensions, reverse hyper extensions, and roman chair sit ups. Because the pad is a flat pad, the GHD attachment forces you to focus on technique. It is CFF's opinion that most injuries occur because of improper instruction on proper technique.

Feel free to stop in our store. We look forward to serving you and making equipment that will assist your growth and well-being.


  • frame: heavy duty, 7 gauge steel, 3” x 3” monster upright posts
  • joints are welded solid with 3/8” and 1/2” thick flat steel that has been precision laser cut
  • The rack adjusts in 1 1/2” increments. Due to the spacing being so close and the extremely tight tolerance we maintained, each hole was drilled with a hand press. Not one hole is punch!
  • max capacity: 1200lbs
  • 30” spotter arms with band peg holes (included)
  • 20,000lb capacity spotter straps
  • heavy duty J-hooks (included)
  • oversized, 12”L x 6”W x 3/8”H sled skis
  • adjusts from a height as low as 78”(6' 6” tall) to 120”(10' tall)
  • can be broken down quickly for storage or transport
  • band peg holes through out the frame of the rack

For information on our warranty policies, please see our Warranty Policy page.

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Product Reviews

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Solid rack, but could have been better
by Adam on Jan 9, 2016
The rack is very solid, I wouldn't worry about weight capacity. Overall it functions as it should, but there are a number of points which could be improved.
- The J hooks are heavy duty, but a pain to move. The pins which hold the hooks will get in the way of racking the bar. The deep V of the hook is also a little obnoxious when re racking as there is a slight lip where the welds come together which can catch the bar. More standard swing in J hooks would have been preferable, and I may actually have some made as this would make the rack much better.
-The safety arms are very heavy duty, but b/c there are 3 supporting pins they can be difficult to line up into the rack. Would have preferred fewer pins to line up to ease moving the safeties.
-Purchased with the yoke attachment. This is going to be difficult to use, b/c it is of greater width than the pull up bar. Actually, too wide to rack a bar into so I can't just leave the yoke setup and bench/squat out of the rack. It also didn't ship with any attachments to load weight onto, so no way to progressively add weight on yoke carries.
-No way to buy attachments separately? I was thinking about getting the dip bars, but it seems the only way they can be selected is by buying a whole rig.
-No instructions. This isn't too big a deal b/c it is very straightforward to put together, but for $1399 (I did pay less over the holiday sale) I would expect a pdf file or something that you could download.
-Overall, I'm still happy with this, but I think CFF could do better. I have their Pro GHD which is great and some CFF olympic weight trees which I really like. The free shipping is a great selling feature.

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