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CFF 14" Wall Medicine Balls - "The WOD Ball"

# CFF-HWB/14

CFF 14" Wall Medicine Balls | Performing wall ball exercises will not just build muscle, it builds explosive speed & power

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CFF 14" Wall Medicine Balls - "The WOD Ball"

Wall Medicine Balls - Start looking and feeling younger today.

Look up “wall ball exercises” in the dictionary and what it should say is, "the epitome of functional fitness".

Love them or hate them, training with a Wall Ball is one of those workouts that will help you out with everyday life. It's not like curling a dumbbell where you are just using two or three muscles. With the wall ball exercise your are engaging over 10 different large muscle groups. Your Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves, back, chest, biceps, triceps, abdominals, deltoids, and more are engaged through the entire movement.

You start the exercise at a standing position, hands and ball at chest level. Then dropping down to a squat position, arms tucked.., your muscles are getting you prepared, tensing every part of your body in anticipation, readying you to drive you up for the next explosive rep.

It takes your whole body, working together, to explode up. Your quads & calves drive you up to your toes. Your triceps, forearms, and chest exploding your arms to press the ball up to that 9 or 10 foot mark on the wall.

The ball hits the mark and comes back down for you to catch. As you start on your descent, your back, biceps, forearms, & hamstrings engage, slowing you down until you reach your bottom position, absorbing the massive amount of energy and force of you and the wall ball coming down. The rep is complete and you are ready to go again.

We already know that the wall ball training is a total body workout, but how does it help you in your everyday life or as an athlete training for an event, may it be running, weight lifting, swimming, etc?

Performing wall ball exercises will not just build muscle, it builds explosive speed & power. Why is this important to everyone, not just the athlete? It builds fast twitch muscle. Fast twitch muscles, and the use of them, are what studies have proven to keep you younger, possibly reversing or slowing the aging effect. Your metabolic rate will get a boost causing your body to burn more calories and fat. Wall ball exercises will also improve your V02 max, improving your endurance level.

Wall ball exercises are not like your traditional workout, but instead, it mimics everyday movements like squatting, standing, raising your arms and carrying a box. They should be a staple of your weekly training.

Wall Ball Specs:

  • Triple stitched
  • Increases your speed, strength, coordination, & conditioning
  • Soft shell out side
  • Color coded for easy distinction between weights
  • 14" Diameter available in sizes 6-20lbs
  • Heavy duty, synthetic leather for added durability and grip
  • Double padded, more forgiving if you miss one
  • Stitched Logo and weight
  • 3 Year Warranty

Popular Uses a Wall Ball

How to do a "wall ball": Start out facing the wall about 12-18 inches back. The throwing motion is much like basketball - start off by sinking down and keep your elbows down with the ball held evenly close to the chest. Unlike basketball, you descend all the way into a squat position, after which immediately explode into a throw in a single motion.

It is important to do a full squat - your rear should hit a medicine ball if one was placed on the floor behind you. Whether you take one breath per throw or two, breathe deeply and calmly, synchronizing your breath with the throws. Keep your movements even and smooth on both the ascent and descent.

The extension of the leg muscles as you catch and sink into the squat, then their rapid contraction with the throw is the plyometric part. Plyometric exercises are designed to develop and increase muscle power. Plyometrics emphasize the rapid stretch of a muscle followed by a rapid shortening of the same muscle. Easy bouncing jumps are a fantastic example. Like the cross training-style squat-thruster, the wall ball is fundamentally a squat-push press combination done constantly with a light weight as a plyometric exercise.

In cross training workouts, wall balls are typically done as part of a couplet or triplet series in combination with sit-ups, pull-ups, or Olympic lifts such as push-press in a 21-15-9 sequence - e.g., a triplet of 21 wall balls followed by 21 pull ups and 21 weighted push-presses, then 15, then 9 of each.

Originally, the aim was to throw the medicine ball up 8-9 feet. Nonetheless, with the advent of the Cross Fit Games, the standard became 10 feet for men and 8 feet for women. The usual specified Rx weight ("Rx" is short for ‘as prescribed' in cross training) is a 20lb ball for men & 14lb for women. You now frequently find lines on the walls of cross training gyms at these heights.

Wall balls are often included in WOD's like "Karen" and "Kelly".

  • "Karen" = 150 wall balls (men 20lbs to 10ft, women 14lbs to 9ft), for time
  • "Kelly" = 5 rounds of 400M run, 30 box jumps (24in box), 30 wall balls (20lb ball), for time


  • Quality is second to none!
  • 14" diameter available in sizes 6-20lbs. (See also, 10", 4-8lb wall balls.)
  • Heavy duty, synthetic leather for added durability and grip
  • Double padded, more forgiving if you miss one.
  • Double stitched with heavy duty 420D polyester thread.
  • Weight is sewn into the center of the ball for balance.
  • double crossed lacing
  • Color coded for easy distinction between weights.
  • stitched logo & weight

What makes our wall balls special? Wayne Mutata from ITRAINwithWAYNE take a couple minutes to explain.

For information on our warranty policies, please see our Warranty Policy page.

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Great Wall Balls
by Chris on Sep 5, 2017
So I picked up an 8 and 16# Wall Ball for the garage gym and so far they are prefect. I already had purchased an 12# CFF Wall Ball so the collection is growing. The balls are well constructed and price point is extremely reasonable for the quality.
Fast Delivery
by Lonnie on Aug 28, 2017
Ordered on a Monday - wed after work they were sitting by my front door! Easy to order , prices were amazing!! Def going to order more from CFF!!!!
Excellent Value
by Phillip on May 9, 2017
Great price on my 20lb and 12lb wallballs. Don't over pay for lesser quality. Thanks CFF!!
by Mark on Apr 18, 2017
CFF is my first choice every time!
I always buy my equipment from CFF!
They have the best construction and quality!
Excellent product for price and fast shipping
by Jonathan on Apr 10, 2017
300 reps of wall balls and no sign of wear. Only dropped indoors no concrete or rough surfaces.

Seams are holding well. I like warming up by letting the WB slam into my chest on the catch. This thing has taken its daily beatings and is showing no signs of wear after 6 weeks of workouts.

Excellent speed of shipping and customer service from CFF.
great product, a little slick
by jay on Apr 3, 2017
i was looking for a heavier slam ball and tried an unknown, less expensive brand from a local store. within three days the seems had split wide open, so i returned it and bought the 20 lb'er from CFF. This is now my second ball from them and it's indestructible! the only thing i don't love is that the material is much more slippery than the material on my 8 lb'er. I'm hoping/assuming that will work its way off after more use, meanwhile it's forcing me to strengthen my grip, which isn't really a bad thing. Bottom line is that this is the ONLY wall ball I would ever buy--the others can't compete.
by Kristina on Aug 15, 2016
First, love the free & fast shipping! We have these wall balls at our box and I love them. They have held up through a lot of use there so I know it will be a great addition to our at home gym!
Top Notch
by Frank on Apr 4, 2016
Excellent Product! Excellent Price! Excellent Value!
by Barb on Nov 27, 2015
I love the CFF Wallballs. Quality is great and I even like the colors. I recommend these to anyone.
Great Product
by Jamie on Oct 5, 2015
I just purchased a 14-lb wall ball. They definitely had the best price for these around and the product is very sturdy and well put together. I have been using them with clients for wall balls, medicine ball tosses and runs and the ball has held up great.

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